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The Strokes of Collision

“Would you ever deny me if I insist,Rica…”
That was my exact words the last time I met her in Shreveport,which also the night I left her for awhile and drove back to NOLA..Though I warned her to be careful and always stick close to her sister.
There’s something I’m not telling her, but I am rather convinced that her house in Shreveport has been marked…By who? *FANGS* I will find out soon.

Back in NOLA, business and personal pleasure jive perfectly in constant flow.

Until one fine evening,that i received a call from Marlon – that he has been summoned to fly home to Rio.When I said summoned, i was not simply implement that strong word.


His Father – Narciso summoned his son to be by his side. At what condition or agenda, I will soon find out..For now my concern is on Flame – she must have been worried about Marlon’s where-abouts

..Ahh,I had to tell Flame I’ve send him for a ‘Business’ related trip!

(For those who are lost you may always find my earlier post on Rio)

After many-many nights I’ve spend in my Masculine Manor *snickers*, my cold dead heart ache for Rica.How odd…

From my reliable sources (so I’ve been told at that time),that she and her sister Izzy retreated to NOLA – how convenience *smirks*
On my black Ducati,i rode the road from Garden District down to French Quarters – where her apartment is located. Unlike any other dull minded Fangs, i wasn’t planning to meet her eyes that night.

I could have predicted that the woman I saw by street was her other sister – Alyson. She must have told Rica about the oddity she saw on my eyes that night. That made Rica ran in haste downstairs to see me.

I yet again left her standing in cold that night after i kissed her sweet warm lips…

Should I explain more on our next ‘encounter’ between me and Rica in the Masculine Manor – on the night after? *raises brow*

I don’t think so….I shall extend my FANGS and slash you throat,should you even think of sharing that perfection of her beauty with me – SHE’S MINE !

Do nail your fine dignified ass on the seat and play it by ears next time you see me,Marlon,Narciso,Flame and Rica on stream…

Be well for now, I shall take a BITE real soon.. *tips hat*
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Changes in the air

First there’s nothing merry about Christmas this time around apart from the grey sky,heavy snows and hungry stray cats to feed.
I have not been around for long enough as I could remember, don’t hate me less – just keep hating me the way you do as usual *snickers*..
Shall we start talking about changes …


Yes, I’m a full grown man and I am thanking the Dark forces around me for sparing me to watch the Cat Fights. Not that I’m complaining if you all would put bikini on and starts to jump into the mud pool.But trust me woman : NOTHING IS UGLIER TO WATCH,THEN HAVING YOUR CLAWS OUT ON OTHER WOMAN.


Another YES, you know who you are my fellow Gentlemen alike *smirks*. With all the constant drama you are causing, you better start to consider wearing a nice red short skirt and color your hair blonde to make up the pretense. However mind you not – I UNFOLLOWED you with all due respects I have for you.Come to think about it, perhaps I’m just a fang that prefers his world more gloomy and dark instead of your ‘Tele-Mundo’ re-runs. The rest may continue to kiss your pimpled ass but I’m afraid it is not my duty to do so.


Shoot me if you must,or I shall shoot you first..*wiggles brow* Worries not my dear young child, I have far greater, sadistically ways to torture you instead of emptying the bullet barrels.

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Midwife’s calling..

The first encounter we had was rather brief and I was merely being what I am he first encounter we had was rather brief and I was merely being what I ambest – CHARMING (in my own sadistically Jullieus way as usual)…There was something in her eyes that enticed the ‘animal’ in me to calm the hell down.People then started to spread the news all over.Knowing my nature,that wouldn’t stop me to pursue her.
I do not put limitation on who I see or date *snickers* and Rica understands that! Call it what you want,because for now I know what I want..

Coming UNDONE….

To all the fans and fangs alike,it seems that I’ve kept you waiting to read my rambles has been longed due..For that I owe you an apology.
Let’s keep your curiosity burning for now,you know I’m always UP when it comes to deliverance.Until then,do enjoy my selected music clip for now…

There’s a bloody awful sad ending to this highly energized beats.Any cliché,anyhow? *mocking grins*

Mumm-Ra says HI

Mummy Hunting at King’s Valley
Date : 04 May 10 before sun rise
Location : King’s Valley,Egypt
Players :@VampireJullieus & @Claudine_fairy

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *hands you black boots* All about fetish *snickers,smacks that behind of yours* We’re going to see the tomb of Tutankhamun?

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *pulls on black boots and shakes tush* bahahah – I can pretend be Tomb Raider and raid King Tut’s tomb *doubles up laughing

Jullieus VampireJullieus :Better be safe then sorry *Starts to chant some Vampire mambo jumbo against the rumors on Curse of the Pharaohs* @Claudine_fairy *smokes*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *pokes* don’t forget I’m all magic, mambo jambo doesn’t work on me – or you when you’re with me *grins, heads for the tomb*

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *Stomps boots in the loose sands,inside the disguised layered rocks* Sure if we find any mummy,I’m going to give it to Cole.

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *giggles* does he like mummies? *pokes around in the tomb, looking at the fresque paintings on the walls* It stinks here..

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy Nah,all I’m smelling is your scent *crooks smirk,reads carved stories on the wall* He’ll freaks out at it for sure *walks*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus Let’s go find that new tomb, I’ve heard they haven’t opened the inner chamber yet. I’m dying to see it, bet there’s a mummy

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *Drags sands filled boots to inner part of the tomb* If there’s any I’m taking that home to NoLA with me for collection

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *giggles* sssh *studies the inner walls, knocking on them to find the cave* wait.. here.. I think..

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *lounging against the wall,suddenly it cracks opens* Oh well well well…*creeps inside the hidden path*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *follows close behind, barely resisting to pinch your butt, grinning* ooh this is so exciting!!!

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *spins quick turning,checks my back* You know this place is hunted and full of curses..wooo *mimics horror voice*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *gigglesnorts* I’m not afraid of ghosts Jules .. I hope we find a mummy for Cole!

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy Bloody FUCKERY *curses as my foot wrongly steps on the wooden plank,falling inside a tunnel* CLAUDINE….NOOOOOOO *yells*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *stops abruptly* JULES!!?? *peeks down the hole* Jules? *utterly darkness*

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *yells from underneath* Claudine don’t come down,it’s pitch black for you WAIT! *crawls,flips Zippo eyes widen*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *squats down at the edge of the hole, peering down into the darkness* do you see anything? Are you ok Jules?

Jullieus VampireJullieus :*Sees a statue of Anubis guarding an entrance,rest of the wall and floor covered in gold* @Claudine_Fairy It’s safe now,come down Claudine!

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *jumps down and catches up with you*

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *stops & wipes the dusty wall* http://tiny.cc/9yzf4 It says “Death shall come swift to him who disturbs peace of the King”

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy: @VampireJullieus *grins* I think we stumbled upon something here all right *walks up to the Anubis statue* Anubis… death… wow…

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *scrunches brow* It’s always a bad thing when a Fae said it’s cursed.This call for desperate measure *ties boot lace*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *touches the hieroglyphs on the wall, mouthing the words you said* I can feel it Jules, it’s cursed… I can feel the magic

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *pushes the Anubis statue aside,making a narrow pathway in* Let’s go inside,lady’s first *smirks*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus *narrows eyes* I’m too curious Jules, I wanna see what’s inside, I wanna touch the mummy *moves over to the Anubis statue

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *Restrains needs to scowl* Then why are we going in actually? *sees a heavy lit coffin* You want me to lift those,isn’t it?

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy: @VampireJullieus *giggles* busted *winks* Just stay close if we need to poof out Jules *strides over to the coffin, brushing the lid*

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy Ah,I’m not feeling too perky about this Claudine *lifts the heavy lit up and places it down,closes hanging jaws* Mummy!

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus woots! Mummy!!! *stares down into the coffin, the mummy seems in pretty good shape* Let’s take it with us!

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy Urm Claudine *steps a foot away* I think the Mummy ain’t too happy *hears choking snarling sounds erupting from the coffin*.*takes another step backward,grabs the Anubis Statue* in time like this is when I scream RUN AS HELL!! http://tiny.cc/m713f

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy :@VampireJullieus omg Jules, it’s.. alive? *runs like a bat out of hell – the mummy following close behind* wait Jules *poofs after*

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy *Paste my self on your back* Bloody poof us already!!

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy : @VampireJullieus *poofed out of the tomb, appearing next to the car* I think we shoud go home now *cracks up* omg that was.. wild!

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@Claudine_fairy *cracks up at Mumm-RA incident in Egypt* 1 of many reason why I reside in NoLA *shakes sands off me*

Claudine Crane claudine_fairy : @VampireJullieus *laughing* but it was kinda fun, and exciting too wasn’t it? *nudges* Home to NOLA?

Jullieus VampireJullieus :@claudine_fairy Home sounds good to me *checks time on wrist watch* It’s about time before sun rise

Rockin’ Rio 1981 (Ending)

~ The fuckery emotions from the past..

Date : 15th Apr 10 after sunset
Location : Rio De Jeneiro,Brazil
Players :@VampireJullieus,@JVFlame,@MarlonDVamp & @NarcisoDMarquis

Seeing Flame lifeless body was just excruciating. My assistant can’t barely keep her mouth shuts for less than any 2seconds without any daring remarks on how sly her boss can be.But it was right there and then,that I remember about something. The key point of all the mess,circling around us.There at the exact time when I held her lifeless body..Something sparkled.

I teared her clothes with no shame left in any sane man,snatched the amulet that was hanging perfectly under her throat.All memories came back to me,like a strong current of cold river.My blood tainted finger,pricked a small gem stone on the amulet….WHOOSH!

-I was back at the Hotel,back’s back 2010.She was talking again,of course without shutting her mouth.Asked too many stupid questions,that my calm is too thin to be dealt with..Tsk.Though seeing her ALIVE yet again,only send my anger back.It was hard enough to deal with her being DEAD not too long ago.I rushed to find the flatass bloodbag. He was my chosen medium for my anger that was boiling ready to explode.I ripped his throat out,clawed his skin to shreds and blood splats everywhere on the fine expensive sheets and white wall. There she was,Flame standing right behind me witnessing the wrath..Unlike her other ‘normal reactions’ towards gory details,this time she was very,very afraid..

When she saw blood all over my face,she blinked her round eyes.She knew why I was mad.She realized the whole tragedy night on 1981.The night she was DEAD,the night when we were stuck in bloody time whirl. I blamed it all on the amulet. Or should I call it as a device,given by the WingedWitch.Which reminds me,I have to put my leather gloves on soon for worth-to-be-seen torture event one on one with the witch.

*Rolls eyes* Telling Flame how fucked up she was,something I prefer to keep it simple.I’m not a man with too many emotions.However,putting the clear STATEMENT to her.That her bonded lover-Marlon was the one who killed her,was another bloody fuckery complication. She insisted that we all claim that Douche from his Father-Narciso. She also insisted,that what happened during our time jump was her destiny.Oh well then just STAKE ME,Flame.

As evil I could be,I’m keeping my act all together.As any good boss would,I took the 1st flight back to NoLA…Yes with Flame and her douche lover-Marlon.Flame was right,if that junkie douche Marlon could straighten up his acts.He could be quite an addition for my benefits *smirks*.After all I’ve seen how potential he was back in 1981.

Rockin’ Rio 1981 ended,with a whole new memories flash back..

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